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Sandwiches, Pizza & Quiche

We take great pride in our savory and lunch offerings. Starting with our own bread and pastry, and using choice meats and cheeses, we create delicious and satisfying sandwiches and pizzas. We make many of our own toppings, including pickled carrots and onions, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, meatballs and smoked meats. The following is a small sample of what we offer for lunch, be sure to ask your server about our latest selection!

Check our gallery to preview some of our delicious creations!!


Bakery Nouveau Classic Sandwiches

Our take on the classic, with crispy bacon, mixed greens and tomato, finished with either mozzarella (West Seattle) or brie (Burien and Capitol Hill) and dressed with mayonnaise.

California Club
Built on our buttery croissant, this sandwich includes bacon, roast chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado and smoked mozzarella, dressed with a Dijon and mayonnaise blend.

For this lighter lunch option, we dress up the classic tomato and basil combination by using a brushing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar along with a basil pesto base to balance the fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes, all on our creamy ciabatta.

Ham and Cheese on Baguette
A Bakery Nouveau favorite combining ham, Swiss Emmenthaler cheese and cornichons, dressed with a Dijon and mayonnaise blend, on buttered baguette.

Turkey and Havarti
Creamy Havarti cheese and pepper roasted turkey on a flaky croissant and dressed with a blend of stone ground mustard and mayonnaise.


We start with either ciabatta or foccacia dough, add a base of either tomato sauce or garlic white sauce, and then layer on a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables. Flavors can vary, and always includes a vegetarian option.

Ciabatta Crust
Our ciabatta crust is slightly chewy, crisp on the edges, and makes for a perfect thin-crust slice of pizza. Flavors include pepperoni, house-made meatball, 3-cheese, mixed roasted veggies, pesto with tomato and olives, and spicy pork peperonata.

Focaccia Crust
Craving something more substantial for lunch? Our focaccia crust slices are thick, hearty and delicious. Daily flavors include a meat trio with pepperoni, Canadian bacon and sausage, and our vegetarian 5 cheese and onion, with ricotta, two kinds of mozzarella, goat cheese and parmesan.

A tender pizza dough, spread with a thin layer of sauce and rolled around a variety meat, cheese or vegetables. Fillings vary daily, and usually include vegetarian and meat based options.

Seasonal Specialties

Italian Roll
Chef’s choice of cured meats, such as prosciutto, salami (Genoa, Soppresata or Capocollo), or pepperoni, with provolone, tomato slices, pepperoncinis, and vinaigrette dressed arugula on an Italia style roll with  mayo.

Layers of roasted portabella mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, and red and yellow peppers with Parmesan cheese and a sun-dried-tomato aioli, served on toasted focaccia.

Mushroom Confit Croissant
A confit with oyster mushrooms, béchamel, caramelized onions, and Swiss cheese, is baked into a stunning open-face laminated pastry.


With a creamy texture and just the right hint of nutmeg on a tender crust, our quiche has quickly become a local favorite. Available whole or by the slice, our daily rotation includes:

The classic pairing of bacon with Swiss Emmentaler cheese and sweet caramelized onion.

Fresh, tender spinach with ricotta, parmesan and pine nuts.

Savory sautéed cremini mushrooms with goat cheese.



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