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Delicious Breads

Handmade with select flours and long fermentation times, our bread is a flavorful addition to any meal, and great on its own as a snack. All of our loaves are crafted by our dedicated team of mixers and bakers who have total control from starter through the deliciously crusty finish.

We use minimal yeast, preferring to leaven our bread with levain (sourdough starter), poolish or other type-specific preferments. This helps to create flavor and extend the counter life of your loaf without the need for preservatives. Our levain is refreshed daily, and kept at a mild sour, providing flavor without being overly acidic.

Note: We currently do not have a rotational bread schedule. However, most of our loaves can usually be preordered with a minimum lead time of 48 hours.

Check our gallery to preview some of our delicious creations!!


Traditional Sourdough

A traditional round light-rye sourdough loaf, and very sliceable for sandwiches.

Pave au levain
A batard shaped loaf, using type-85 flour and a touch of malt. A great dinner bread.

Bakery Nouveau Classics

Our customers ask for these loaves again and again. From our daily baguette, to our laminated fougasse, our classics are a great introduction to the world of artisan bread.

Leavened with a blend of poolish and levain, our baguette is hearty and full of flavor. From sandwiches to soup, this is our favorite everyday loaf.

The traditional, braided Jewish yeast bread, enriched with eggs, butter, and milk.

Our version of this Italian classic has a soft and creamy crumb and a delicate flavor, perfect for matching to lighter meals.

A hearty Italian classic, mixed with a touch of olive oil. Typically sold as a round, and topped with anything from a sprinkling of sea-salt, to potatoes with herbs.

Olive Fougasse
A flame shaped loaf, using our baguette dough mixed with kalamata olives.

Grains, Nuts and Raisins

For those who love the crunch of walnuts, the sweetness of raisins, or earthiness of sunflower seeds, we have a bread for you. With a mixture of grains, nuts and seeds, these loaves are also our most nutritious.

Carrot Multigrain
A blend of whole wheat and bread flour, minced carrots, cracked grains and sunflower seeds. A unique and flavorful bread, especially with butter!

Our classic mixed grain bread, made from rye and whole wheat flours, levain for flavor, and Bob’s Red Mill ™ organic cracked grain mix.

Oat and Date
Rolled oats and chopped dates make for an incomparable breakfast bread.

Pecan and Flax Seed
A rye levain with blended bread flour, a touch of honey and toasted pecans.

Walnut-Raisin Multigrain
Our multigrain loaf with walnuts and raisins. Nearly a meal by itself!

Rye Loaves

Dense and flavorful, our rye loaves are all made with a rye levain, and often contain nuts or seeds. They are a hearty accompaniment to stews, tasty foils to stronger cheeses, and even great for sandwiches.

Finnish Rye
A light rye with cracked wheat, golden flax seeds and sweetened with a touch of molasses.

Sunflower Rye
A Nouveau classic of blended rye with delicious sunflower seeds throughout. Toast a slice and spread with your favorite butter!

Two-Castle Rye
Rye flour blended with graham and high extraction bread flour, with oat flakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax.

Pan Bread

Softer American style loaves, sold sliced. Varieties may include:

Honey Whole-Wheat with Rolled Oats
A great light sandwich bread.

Multigrain with Sunflower Seeds
With blended rye, wheat and semolina flour, rolled oats, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds.

Flax Seed
Brown and golden flax seeds with blended rye and wheat flour.

Traditional white
With milk, honey and a touch of levain.



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