Holidays with Bakery Nouveau

It’s holiday time!

Let Bakery Nouveau help you with your holiday planning, from dinner rolls, to center piece desserts, hostess gifts, and perhaps a decadent chocolate or two for yourself.  We are taking orders from now until end of day, Saturday, December 20th.  While our crew will be working hard to provide a wide selection of bread, pastry and dessert on the 24th, we do encourage placing an order if you know exactly what you want.  

We will be open Christmas Eve, and closed both Christmas Day, and December 26th. We will reopen for regular hours on the 27th.  In addition, while we will be open on New Year’s Eve, we will be closed January 1st, New Year’s Day. 

In addition to our fabulous current offerings we will have the following:

Holiday Cakes:
This year we have four variations of bûche de Noël. Each one will serve 8-10, and are also available by the slice. We also have the seasonal return of the peppermint cheesecake!

Traditional bûche de Noël: Biscuit (sponge cake), brushed with coffee simple syrup, and layered with 70% Chocolate mousse and vanilla crème Madame, which is rolled around a center of raspberry mousse. Finished with a coffee butter cream and decorated with chocolate bark and chocolate mushrooms to look like a stylized log. $38 per 8” cake

Mrs. Claus: A layered cake with an almond crunch layer, lime chiffon, strawberry coulis (a thick jam, not quite as set as a pate de fruit, but close), and vanilla bavarois. $42 per 8” cake

Santa’s S’more: A layered cake with a graham crunch, white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse and a 70% dark chocolate mousse. It’s finished with toasted meringue. $38 per 8” cake

Santa’s Belt: For the eggnog lovers, this features eggnog mousse, soft pecan caramel, ginger bread dacquoise, caramelized pecans, chocolate glaze and chocolate décor. $42 per 8” cake

Peppermint Cheese Cake: Our rich, creamy cheese cake infused with peppermint. The cake is finished with a white chocolate glaze, and styled to look like a peppermint candy. $24 in the 8” size.

Need to pick up cookies for the office party, or as a hostess gift? We’ve got you covered. From a selection of individual iced cookies, to our packaged cookie plates and boxes, you’ll be able to arrive at your party with some tasty treats in hand.

Cookie Plate: An assortment of our butter and sugar cookies along with some holiday-only varieties, such as gingerbread, Linzer, and biscotti, packaged on a decorative plate for $20.

Cookie Box: A larger assortment of our cookies packaged in a festive holiday tote-box for $28.

Decorated Cookies: Gingerbread men, flooded/iced sugar cookies in various holiday cut-outs.

Besides great sandwiches, or sides to a great cheese and charcuterie board, did you know that you can use our bread in your stuffing or dressing recipes? Simply cut the loaves you want to use into cubes, and either leave to dry overnight, or toast lightly at low temperatures. We’ve heard from customers that brioche and challah both work well, and also our pave au levain. In addition to these and other loaves, we have some special treats for the holidays:

Stollen: A traditional Christmas bread in Germany, Stollen is an enriched bread (the dough is similar to brioche), with candied citrus peel, dried cranberries, raisins, slivered almonds, and a center of almond butter mixed with marzipan (almond paste). After baking, it is dipped in rum-butter, and coated in a layer of organic sugar and one of powdered sugar. It pairs very well with coffee or tea, so makes an excellent late morning snack. A loaf will easily serve 8-10, and costs $24. Slices are $4.75

Panettone: Our variation on this classic features chocolate and hazelnuts mixed into the dough. The baked loaves are dipped in chocolate before packaging, and topped with a variety of chocolate chips and hazelnut pieces. $18 for the large size, and $4.50 for the individual size.

Holiday Rolls: A brioche roll filled with dried cranberries, dates, and candied orange peel. They are topped with a streusel before baking, and then finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. Like Stollen, they are a good breakfast treat, or pair very well with coffee or tea for a late morning snack. $7/pack of 6.

Brioche Rolls: Our buttery, just barely sweet brioche - perfect as dinner rolls, or simply warmed up and buttered for a snack. They also work great for small sandwiches! $6.50/pack of 6

Our range of handmade chocolate confections are indulgently delicious, whether as a small treat for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. Some of our specialties this year include:

Christmas Trees: A variety of Christmas Trees made of chocolate. We toss crispy feuilletine with dark chocolate, or feuilletine and candied almond slivers to make the trees. We then decorate them with colored sugar pearls, and add ‘presents’ of candy. $28

Holiday Bowl: Available in store only, these are hand-crafted blown glass bowls made by local glass artist, Melissa Misoda. They are filled with a variety of our candy. Due to the limited quantity of bowls, they are available for purchase in-store only. $48

Pre-packed 20 count boxes: A Chef’s assortment of our handmade confections, $25.

Custom gift boxes: Create a truly personalized gift, choosing from amongst our wide assortment of hand crafted chocolates. $1.50 per piece plus $2.00 per ribbon-tied gift box.

Peppermint Bark: Crushed peppermints scatted over layers of white and dark chocolate. $5.00 per package. We wish you a very happy and enjoyable holidays, and a wonderful start to the New Year!


From Heather and William and all the staff here at Bakery Nouveau, we hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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